Physical Pillar - The 5 Metabolic Movements
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Follow-along to the 5 most rewarding metabolic movements that we’ve identified so far.  In just 5 minutes, you’ll have an opportunity to challenge all 3 energy systems in your body with the intention to rapidly increase your metabolism.  

Squats:  Sit down and back into your heels, stand up through your glutes/cheeks.  Keep your knees behind your toes as a rule of thumb, especially if adding weight or squatting deeply (below 90 degrees at your knee joint).  Squats are one of the best ways to challenge your entire lower body and core at the same time.  

Pushes:  Instead of focusing upon your arms, focus upon pushing your entire body up from the ground, and bringing it back down towards the ground as a unit.  Think of yourself as a wooden plank, and move as a unit throughout every push up.

Bridges:  Challenge the backside of your entire lower body and your low back by moving against gravity from a weight-bearing position.  Improve spinal stability and strength, while also increasing lower abs recruitment and balance with low back muscles.  

Pulls:  Because we live in a forward world, strengthening the muscles on our backs becomes even more important to ‘pull’ you back into a healthy posture.

Planks:  Strengthen your core in a functional way and against gravity, while challenging range of motion with your arms/legs as you advance.  Planks are also fundamental for building strength and endurance with push ups, squats, and pull ups. 

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