Physical Pillar - Power
About Lesson
This is a follow-along power routine designed to get you results in minutes per day:
Cleans — full body, power-based exercise starting at your feet and ending with your upper body. 
Split Jerk — full body, power-based exercise with reciprocal strength, balance & power requirements. 
Power Press — beginning with your feet, load on the way down and explode all the way up to challenge both your lower body and your upper body through this variation of the press.
Power Swing — load on the way down (core tight), snap through hips quickly on the way up to build low back muscles, glutes, hamstrings, calves, balance and stability through your core.
Power Press — abs on the way down, glutes on the way up.  Excellent lower body and core exercise that builds power and stability at the same time.
Power-Based Bent-Leg Deadlift — slow on the way down, stand through your hips as quickly as you can!!  Build fast-twitch muscle fibers in the posterior chain and core through this exercise. 
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