Physical Pillar - Mobility
About Lesson

In just 5 minutes, stretch to restore motion and balance through motion on all sides of your body; this is especially helpful for reducing pain and increasing function with movement.

Sit & Reach:  This mobility exercise challenges your hamstrings to actively elongate and shorten, which improves muscle range of motion and stability with movement.  

Thoracic Mobility On All 4’s:  Get your ribs and mid-back moving with this exercise.  You’ll be able to rotate more easily and symmetrically after doing this one.

Chest:  Tight neck, shoulders, or mid-back?  This could be your #1 exercise, because we live in a forward world and tend to get tighter on our dominant side; therefore, we end up tighter in the front of our bodies and also on one side.  This mobility exercise serves to balance tightness front to back, as well as side to side.

Hip Flexor (sidelying):  This mobility exercise challenges your hip flexors to actively lengthen and shorten, thereby improving everything from athletic performance down to balance and stability or a reduction in pain with prolonged sitting. 

Calf:  Your calves work all day as you take every step you take; by actively lengthening and shortening your calf muscles, you are providing relief, as well as improved (and more symmetrical) ankle range of motion.

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