Physical Pillar - Flexibility
About Lesson

In just 5 minutes, stretch and align your body to reduce pain, increase range of motion, or improve body symmetry.

Sit & Reach:  This flexibility exercise stretches your hamstrings and puts a light stretch on the sciatic nerve, which can lead to relief of low back pain.

Hip Flexor Stretch (Sidelying):  This flexibility exercise stretches your hip flexor, quad, and lower abdominal muscles; for many, this leads to relief from low back pain and hip tightness.

Z-sit:  This stretch is designed to improve hip range of motion and symmetry with rotation. 

Prayer Position Stretch:  This is a great way to submit to the Lord while stretching the biggest muscles in your body.  Many times, people report feeling looser in their lower backs, mid-backs, and necks after this stretch.

Upper Trap // “Armpit Sniff” Stretch:  This stretches the biggest muscle in your neck, your trapezius.  When this muscle is tight, it changes a lot about your posture.  Much shoulder and neck pain (or tightness) relief comes from this exercise.  

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