Spiritual Pillar - Submission
About Lesson

Giving Your Heart To Christ:  Offer your heart, mind, soul, and might to God through Yeshua Hamashia (Christ), His only begotten Son.  Ask God to take over, and ask Yeshua for help.  

Asking For Guidance:   Touch your heart, ask a question, listen for the answer in the form of manifestation (your life, the voice of another, a thought, feeling, symbol in a cloud, sign you might see, or incidental circumstance that takes place as a life experience and helps you understand). 

Doing What’s Asked Of You:  This is simple.  Pray, listen, ask how you can best serve God in this moment, day, week month, etc.  Then, do what you understand you are supposed to do and have faith that this is the best action you can take for the highest good.  Have faith in the process and your discernment will increase over time.

Be Grateful To God & Do As God Asks Of You:  Think of Heaven.  Imagine you’re a soul in Heaven and God announces a special mission that is really important to Him.  He asks for volunteers and mentions that there will be hardship, false accusations about you, friendships destroyed, and family members who need you but won’t accept your help.  Your perceived best friends will become your worst enemies in some cases, and your perceived enemies will become your best friends in other cases.  Did you raise your hand to help God??

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