Spiritual Pillar - Repentance
About Lesson

Repent Every Morning:  Prayer first (to clear the space and signal).  Then, say this with a hand on your heart and sincerity in your voice, while placing your face on the floor:  “I’m sorry Father.  Please forgive me for my sins.  I repent.  Thank You.  I love You.”

Resolution Within:  Once forgiven by God, forgive yourself.  Go in this order and you will be successful.  Examples include:  lying, mistreating another, being unkind to the Earth, or feeling anger.  Anger hurts us on this insides, for example, so by apologizing to ourselves and forgiving ourselves, we release this pent-up feeling and allow our bodies to be healed.  

Long-distance Repentance To Another:  Pray, ask God for forgiveness.  Ask for permission to repent to this person, spiritually, and then do as you are told.  Say this (if God agrees):  “I’m sorry (state their name).  Please forgive me.  Thank you.  I love you.”

Apologizing In Order:  God first, then self, then others.  Others include anything alive.  

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