Spiritual Pillar - Love
About Lesson

Love For God:  Love is innate, it is practiced, and it requires receivership as a part of giving to God.  Loving God with all of your heart, all of your mind, all of your soul, and all of your might means that you first surrender, then ask for help, and listen to what is asked of you.  It begins with a leap of faith, in that you must assume that you already have the ability to love God this way within you, and you must also believe that love is sourced from God, or it would not exist.  

Love For Self:  Touch your heart, “watch it illuminate” in your mind’s eye, and then nurture it like you would a baby you are rocking to sleep.  Within your heart lives the Holy Spirit, who you are loving and nurturing by loving and nurturing by adoring your heart.

Love For Creation:  See creation as an extension of you, then love what you see as a part of you.  In doing so, you no longer discriminate between anyone, and you thereby divorce separatism.  

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