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God Gifts Love:

A Message, A Mantra, A Way Of Life

On October 13th, 2014,
I was given less than 24 hours to live.

My intestines had perforated, I had turned septic, and I was undergoing multiple organ failure. Within about 10 days, it was the 8th time the hospital staff told me I wouldn’t wake up the next morning; the previous 7 times, I couldn’t fall asleep.

This time, I prayed.

I reached out to God. I asked for my prayer to be shared, and it ended up going out to 18 million people that night.

When I woke up… I realized that I must have fallen asleep, yet peace came over me. I began my road to recovery. And my relationship with God began to grow.

Within this prayer, I asked God to save me. My son was just 6 months old, and I believed he would need me, along with his future sibling. I felt committed to recovering and being there for him.

And I made a promise to God. I promised that I would share everything I know with the world.

What I didn’t know at the time was that God was choosing me to share what God knows, through my fingertips, in God Gifts Love.

After 3 years of writing and editing, God Gifts Love became ready for release. Immediately, people began getting 15 copies at a time, which drew my attention. Many readers report listening to the audiobook or reading a bit of God Gifts Love almost daily.

In God Gifts Love, there’s built-in healing, knowledge and awareness, and great wisdom to navigate life in coming together as a human race. These words came through me, rather than ‘from’ me. There’s a major distinction to be made.

Happy reading and may God be glorified by you and through you as your relationship with Yeshua grows and strengthens ?

Written Testimony:
Love Letters To — And Conversations With — God

Goodmorning God, Almighty One,

This is Kareem, your loyal servant and follower. I am here, loving and appreciating You. You are both the known and unknown.

And the reason I choose to write You today is simply to honor You, and to glorify You through Your name. How may I serve You, dear Lord?

What are my orders?

For Your will is my own. I wish to start a conversation with You, if You will it also. I wish to live with You, in every single moment. I wish to submit to You, my God.

My sole will and intention is Your own. For the greatest honor in life is to serve You during my time.

And whatever I’ve done, said, felt or prayed — knowingly or unbeknownst to me — that has not honored You… well, for this I repent. And I surrender, to You and You alone; I surrender all of my heart, all of my mind, all of my will and all of my soul.

For none of these things are my own, to begin with. Without You, Father, I have nothing. Without You, Father, I am nothing. Without You, Father, nothing exists.

I know you to be everything and everyone that I see. I know you to be it ‘all’, Father, and as such, it is by Your grace that I live.

I write you this love letter today on a day that is very special to me, for it’s the very first day I’ve surrendered my ego, completely.

I have no more interest in discussing whether or not You are real. I have no more interest in letting days pass by while I question Your existence.

I see You, Father, in the nervousness around me. I see others pacing, talking quickly, and in question of Your sincerity. Yet, I know, as they know, that You live inside of me.

And without You breathing life into me, I would die.

So as I see others flutter, side step, or stutter, I recommend to them only one path: submission.

For submitting to You is recognizing your greatness. I recommend others get down on their knees, apologize for sin, and look up and all around at You in Your variety of forms.

You are the droplet of water that drips from the tub, the rainbow I see in the sky that smiles at me, and the deepest impact I make when I connect with another.

You are the healing touch that only You could have given me.

You are the miracles that happen in my life. You are the manifestation of thought.

You are the feeling that comforts me when I otherwise am alone.

You are the confidante that whispers to me in the lightest and darkest of moments.

You are my very best friend, God; and I am an extension of You.

How may I glorify You, dear Lord?

What can I do, say, feel, think, or be next in order to more deeply honor You?

These are my questions.

When I watch the sunrise, I say thank You. When the sun falls from the sky into the night, I thank You for a beautiful day, once again.

I watch You paint the sky, day in and day out, in a state of total awe and wonder. I see others celebrate the sunset and clap when it goes down, only they don’t know to whom they are applauding.

I see You in everything, in every one, and in all that I do.

I see You in each person, each animal, and each foe; for they are Your creation and just as perfect as You’ve chosen them to be. Each distinct from one another and with no limit, per Your imagination.

I recognize that ‘imagination’ is not something to be possessed. Quite like ‘love’, it’s how You interact with us.

You show up in so many forms; often invisible, and then also in plain sight.

You are the sway of the leaves on the trees with each blow of the wind. And yet, You are also the tree itself, for without You, it would not live.

You are the scowl on someone’s face when I’ve done something not good, or considered an impure thought.

You are the very same thing that I choose not to see as a reflection of me, when I feel judged, mistreated, or left alone.

You are the one I’ve deemed my enemy, without knowing it was You. You are, at the very least, the source of life inside of them.

You are the love of my life. You are the love that is life.

You are. You are: my God.

When I meet someone, I wonder what for?

How is life serving me, in this moment?

And yet, strangely and fondly, I recall, life is ‘happening’ for me, because I chose to dedicate my life to You. And when I did not know to make this choice, I reflect backwards and am reminded of my soul mission.

Each time I have steered off track, You’ve been there, Father, steering me back.

How can I thank You, Father?

I suppose I’ll have to reach deep inside of myself. This will require that I make peace with myself, with my past actions, beliefs, and circumstances. Furthermore, it requires that I make peace with all of Your creation.

I challenge myself to see things differently, and then I get down on my knees. I ask for Your guidance and support, and in the name of Jesus Christ, of Nazareth, I pray.

I ask for forgiveness and tell You that I know ‘not’ the way. I ask for Your love and assistance, which only ‘You’ can provide.

And then I feel this feeling, like electricity through my body. It’s the opposite of being numb; it’s alive.

And I recognize ‘life’ once again as You, dear Father. I remember that the wind blows because You’ve let out your breath. I remember that the ocean crashes because You told it to. I remember that animals migrate on a schedule that You’ve predetermined for them.

I remember to look deep inside — right through my eyes — and find You.

Then, I let out my breath and surrender this also to You. The very air I breathe belongs to You.

So, I thank You once again and the cycle continues. You’d think I spend my whole day doing this, except I’m in awe of the miracles.

I see the way You greet me. I experience the flow of life You have given me. I recognize the opportunity to feel great as you fill me. And, as such, I strive to help others feel the same way.

I serve You through spreading health, through loving You and all of Your creation, and through direct impact, as much as it takes.

I find myself dumbfounded at times, as I see how ‘You’ serve, Father. I take notice that each of us prays. I see prayers fulfilled in Your name. I see it all as glorifying You, and yet I take notice that it’s perhaps more accurate that You serve us than it is that we serve You.

For even in our moments of greatest selflessness, we’ve learned from You, and by Your example.

I once asked what it felt like to be crucified, energetically. You gave me this gift, Father, for only ‘one’ minute. I remember the agony; it is unforgettable. I couldn’t find a comfortable place for my head. I kept shifting, with no relief. My arms felt like they were dislocating from my shoulders and my spine was bending so far backwards I couldn’t withstand it.

I cringed, adjusted, and each time it pulled on the nails that were embedded deep within me, through each hand and through both feet at once. I felt one minute, Father, and You felt 9 hours. You were beaten first, crowned with thorns, and totally exhausted.

Your faith never wavered, nor did you flinch. You took this abuse not like a man; You took it as God.

And well within Your power and discretion is the destruction of man.

Yet, 2021 years later, we are still here. By Your grace, Father. By Your grace, we live.

Now I think forward, and I pray for Your voice to come through. I ask for Your goodness to permeate these words and any letter I write You.

I ask that the wisdom come through my fingers, so I can adapt and demonstrate You in the words to follow. And here is what comes through:

You are destined to save the world, young one. With these words, with the acknowledgement. The world, as you know it today, has forgotten from where it came. It has lost God, and I am still right here.

How do you find God when you are blindfolded and cannot see?

You don’t, Kareem.

You go inward, and instead you ‘feel’ Me. You learn that I am much more than a visual sight to see. I am who and what I am so that Me becomes We. I serve my world, because it is my world.

And I know that the least fortunate of you is a part of me. I recognize that parts of you need to learn some lessons, submission, and curiosities. I honor this as part of your experience, Kareem, and in all that you see.

This is the token of appreciation I have for mankind, my dear.

Now, open your eyes and become aware. Every one of you who reads this letter; God ‘is’ here.

I often pray to You this way, my God.

I choose to start a conversation and then honor what comes through. I used to think that I was making it up. I’ve since learned it’s You.

You are the wisdom between my ears.

You are the destiny that I hear.

You are the wonder in life that invigorates me.

And when You choose to — or more accurately, when You are called upon — You are also my speech.

Dear Jesus,

I love You. I have not the words, for love is Yours.

The part of me that is You, that is the part I recognize as I speak this to You. I see you blindly, in the light of Love, Jesus. I call upon my insides, dig deeply inside, and I honor You for all that You are. You are a part of God.

You are God’s son. The only begotten Son of God.

And now You have called upon me to write this letter, as I sit intently with my heart focused upon The Father. I am offstruck by goodness once again, as I sit here in submission.

How do You do that? You are wondrous.

I believe in You, Jesus. I believe in the crucifiction. I believe in a world that believed in darkness and threats and You brought love. I wonder, what for?

Why not destroy that which loathes? How do You so clearly see our potential?

This only happens from up above.

Then, I wonder to myself. Since You are in plain sight, in all that I see… and since You’ve been here before, why wait? Why wait to bring down the Kingdom of Heaven?

Unless it’s already here.

And as I write this to You, I become aware. Heaven, quite like a mustard seed or levin, rises.

It grows up. It develops. It finds itself, inside of You.

And You have demonstrated where You live, how You live, and where You go. You go up to the sky, dear Lord.

So, may I also grow in Your direction. May I set the example for humanity. And may I grow and reach.

For if it is Your will, Father, than it is done. In the name of Your only begotten Son, Jesus, I pray and submit.

If it is Your will, Father, allow me to submit. Allow me to grow and reach You. Allow me to hold a grip. And allow me to lead the way for others, so it’s no longer obscure and the purest of heart may come.

Kareem, this is Jesus. You called upon me. And I am here, always. Recognize me. See me in your smile. See me in the love in your heart. See me.

See me for all that I am, instead of confined to a human body.

See me in a continuous state of awe and wonder; that is the formula.

Allow your spirit to wander, upwardly. Allow it to find home by defining what home is.

Know that your only true home is in the sky, right here by my side. Know who you are, and grow and reach.

For your reach is divine. And when you reach for something in life, you achieve it. So is the design plan and so it will be.

Remember to stay in a state of awe and wonder, always.

This is how you develop spiritual gifts, Kareem

(this is Jesus Christ, the Nazarene speaking):

You invest in yourself. This means that you improve your health as much as possible. You eat well, from the Earth, and you love what you eat. You feel gratitude for every bite, and you exist with air the same way. Your gratitude for the basics that sustain life (automatically) is so great that you cannot help but feel elated.

And in doing so, you open portals of communication through consciousness, Kareem. When you feel so in love with life, so grateful to be alive and for each thing that adds to life, life opens a window of opportunity for you that sustains itself for as long as you feel it.

And in doing so, your gifts are revealed to you; sequentially, and in progressive order directly correlating to how long you can sustain focus/presence in this elated state.

Like A Ninja…

I am God and I am speaking through you. I have selected you for this message and now I’m going to share it: “I’m like a ninja, carving my way through the wind, winding through the trees at night, and during the day I blend in with the air, in plain sight. I am that which appears invisible, in plain sight. I am everything that you see, and everything that you perceive. Plus, the rest of Me.

When you describe Me, think of a spirit so great that it is One with everything and everyone. Nothing exists without Me. Not even a part of something exists without Me. Do you understand, Kareem?

Kareem: Yes, I understand.

God: Good, we’ll continue. The next thing that I want to discuss is the perpetual nature of reality. Everything that happens now echoes for eternity. How you navigate life, what you say, what you do, who you choose to be or become, all of these choices become like an imprint, or part of the canvas of your life when you achieve spirit form.

So as you paint your canvas, what will you paint? Will you let Me paint for you, with you, or at the same time? Either way, I’m here, woven into you and all of your life.

Dear Father God. I’m writing you this letter to show appreciation for all you are doing in my life.You have blessed me with two beautiful sons, a great job, a supportive family and wonderful friends. You continue to play an active role in my life and watch over my health everyday. Even when things are tough I know it is still your will and you are using the experience to groom me into the man you want me to be. Iam honored to be molded by you. Even if it comes at the price of temporary suffering, Iam grateful for it. I love you and my heart is and will always belong to you. I will continue to walk in the direction you set for me, and I’m so excited to see where it leads me because I know your will for me is great! -Love your Son Joseph.

Dear Father. Today you have put me in a position to speak of your love and forgiveness to multiple non-believers. You simply placed me in a location and drew me into the people you wanted to speak with. The words that came out of my mouth were exactly what they needed to hear at this time in life. I had no way of knowing any of that as I spoke but you did. I did not take credit for my words but offered the glory all to you. Through our conversation they were able to see they too can communicate with you and share in the grace and love you have given me. You amaze me every single day and I’m so grateful to be used by you. Thank you Father! I love you! – Your Son Joseph

Dear Lord. Today as I prayed I asked for your presence to be with me. As I continued I felt your spirit enter the room like a gust of fresh air. I felt you hug me from behind, so much my shirt physically moved. The goose bumps that covered my body from head to toe are just a small indication of your touch. I am so honored to be heard by you. I am so grateful you allow me to physically feel your touch. I want nothing more than to honor you and give this gift you have given me to others. Be my words when I speak. Let your love and grace shine through me so that no one can dismiss or discredit Your Glory! Thank You Father for allowing me to be a vessel for your kingdom. I look forward to returning home after my work is done. I love and cherish you with all of my heart. -Your Son Joseph

August 2022, after more than 5 years, I had dropped my busy 2-3 jobs, school, and helping others on a weekly basis to concentrate on my spiritual self. My main goal was to figure out where I belong, a path to what I want, and the next step to take to accomplish these goals. Within a month of cutting my busy schedule, I was more stressed, overwhelmed, and confused. That’s when I started meditating consistently to ease those emotions. I ended up learning more about my mind, heart, and body. Not only that, I realized my internal and external world started changing. I started feeling better, perceiving life differently, and attracting experiences I would never thought be possible had become possible…not fully understanding it until I met Kareem, GTS Academy, and the book “God Gifts Love”.

An example is when I saw Kareem in my dream 5 hours before I met Him on one of my therapy hike. I never met a man that looked like him in my entire life until that day. I was in total shocked, literally! One of my friend was there to witness the unfolding which I shared my dream in detailed to her on our ride just before the hike. How is it possible that I saw a man with green eyes, dark wavy hair at shoulder length, with curly beard, and dressed in dark clothing in my 5am dream to show up in real life 5 hours later that same morning? How and why? Not only that, I continued to be in awed a day later to learned of GTS Academy and “God Gifts Love” that had info on what I was in search of a month before our encountered.

There are so many more coincidences in just a few weeks of knowing Kareem and his shared teachings that I’d love to go into detailed about. However, that would take up a lot more space to write up. The main point is that I had gotten overwhelmed with different opinions; self help books/videos/articles; religious beliefs; etc. that I didn’t want to waste my time to find what resonated with my inner being. Not knowing I connected with God through the practices of Kareem’s 4 pillers, it actually led me to Kareem & his teachings. He answered my questions in a very short amount of time.

GTS Academy and the book “God Gifts Love” expressed in words that I could not described what I was trying to do. Kareem, the academy, and his book not only gave me a deeper understanding and a confirmed way to get connected but achieved a stronger consistent connection with God. Thus, leading to manifestations within minimum time. I feel very blessed to know this.

Thank you for Kareem for making GTS Academy and “God Gifts Love” easily available for the world to access. They are unbiased, straight forward easy to understand, short readings/clips, worthy of your time, and worth knowing. I highly recommend!!!!!

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